Our Mission and Process

Our Mission

We have the client—and only the client—in mind. We are not just focused on what is "suitable". We act as a "fiduciary," placing your best interest above our own or anyone else's.

Our mission is to get to know and understand your needs, wants, and long-term goals. We want to help you develop, implement, and monitor a strategy that’s designed to address your individual situation.

We understand the challenges families and businesses face today. From managing debt to saving for college to retirement and increasing your dividends, these personal finance challenges can be overwhelming. Our commitment is to utilize all of our resources to help you pursue your goals.

We believe in thinking “outside the box” and we are not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom in our approach to investing and preserving wealth. All of our energy, commitment, and efforts are focused on you, the client, and your satisfaction.

Our commitment is to know you, your family and your business better than anyone else.

Our primary goal is to develop a long-term, trusting relationship with you.

Our Process

Our process is designed with the best interests of our clients in mind. When working with us, you can expect:

  • A team of financial partners who understand your goals, create a tailored plan and work to keep you on track
  • Create confidence and clarity by simplifying your financial life
  • Advisors who mitigate confusion and anxiety associated with matters related to financial planning
  • A team who anticipates issues before they become critical
  • A staff who is available to you for additional support, guidance, and timely responses to requests

How to make the most of your first meeting:

Your first meeting is an opportunity for you to get to know us, as well as for us to get to know you. To make that meeting as successful as possible, you'll want to be prepared.

Bring copies of the following financial information:

  • Investment statements
  • Benefit statements
  • Life and Disability insurance information
  • Social Security statements

  • Copy of W-2
  • Mortgage details
  • Other liabilities
  • Other sources of income

Visualize your short and long-term financial goals; this can be anything from saving for a dream family vacation to planning for retirement.

Bring a list of your questions and concerns regarding your financial future. What keeps you up at night?

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